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Many companies produce a variety of goods and services designed to meet consumers' needs and requirements. Consumers' expectations and requirements change over time, so firms need to develop new promotional products to stay "front of mind". Market focused companies use market research to identify these trends. They are continually developing new promotional activities, some of which are completely new ideas, while others are improvements on existing ones, also me-too products to find other ways to offer differentiation within their product portfolio.

Atomicon has documented some of its promotional sucess stories here. Don't hesitate to contact our team to discuss your requirements and see how Atomicon can help you.

Latest Case Studies

  • The Mooks Stress Bulb

    As one of Pacific brands major labels we had to be highly  conscience of quality as well as creativity and that it how we developed a great promotional product that we loved and still do. Infact the product was so sort after The Range had to add a bar


  • Why Buy Australian Made Promotional Products & Confectionery

    Australian Made promotional products are one of the best ways to reduce excess carbon emissions and Promotional range stocks only the best. Sportsgirl, One of Australia’s best love brands was seeking a new and innovative in-store promotional product and threw the promotional range a curve ball. They required


  • Promotional Footballs, Mini Footballs, print with your logo's

    BBQ and Picnic promotional products

    BBQ and Picnic promotional products have always been a great selling product range in Australia including items such as BBQ tools and Picnic rugs. Could there be a better way to expose your brand than to a captured audience. For the past 2 years The Promotional Range has produced Mini Footballs


  • A creative selection of high quality swimwear including board shorts, rash vests, bikinis, surf shirts, beach towels, Tee shirts and caps.

    Custom Bikini |  Promo Range | Sublimated Promotional Swimwear

    In 2012 promotional range developed a line of Bikinis and swimsuits for various clients for promotional use. All bikini's can be branded with our clients logo's. Our company provided not only highly competitive pricing but also delivered and produced a String Bikini style based on the clients requirements. The