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Our Product Range

Our Product Range

Promotional Range Australia

Why Buy Australian Made Promotional Products & Confectionery

Australian Made promotional products are one of the best ways to reduce excess carbon emissions and Promotional range stocks only the best.

Sportsgirl, One of Australia’s best love brands was seeking a new and innovative in-store promotional product and threw the promotional range a curve ball. They required a confectionery type that was not available in Australia. What did we do, Simple Find it, import it and custom wrap it all within 2 weeks. Well below budget and delivered 2 weeks before the required date. Just have to love it when it works. No how does this draw us back to Australian made promotional products.


Confectionery has for a long time been a staple of the promotional products industry. With that in mind we have aleays tried to produce all our confectionery, when possible in Australia. Our range includes Lollies pops, in small, Medium and Large sizes as well as hum bugs in corporate colours.

Over the years The promotional Range has produced some creative promotional products. AA Paper required us to manufacture a Jelly Bean box in the shape of the Ream of paper. We loved this result for 2 reasons. Firstly the result was amazing, with a full colour print across the entire product apart from the clear section designed to let you see the confectionery. The jelly beans were in a corporate colour so really stood out. We were so impressed with our manufactures, we bought the company, promotional confectionery.