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Our Product Range

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XC001 Custom heart shaped lollies with unique mess

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XC001 Custom heart shaped lollies with unique mess XC002 Fruity Rolls of Sweets XC003 Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans XC004  Holly Sweets XC60 The Volvo of Promotional Confectionery
XC001 Custom heart shaped lollies with unique mess

XC001 Custom heart shaped lollies with unique mess

We took a simple confectionery item and customised it to create something special. These mini heart shaped lollies were branded with a full colour outer shell. Since the wrapper is paped and the inner housing delicious treats from the UK, we could completely rebrand the product. The lollies were used in all sportsgirl location as a little gift with purchase helping keep the bnrand at the forfront of consumers minds.  

XC002 Fruity Rolls of Sweets

XC002 Fruity Rolls of Sweets

Fruity Confectionery rolls are a treat to be had. The fruity tingle will be sure to get your customers talking. Wrapped in silver foil and covered in full colour wrappers these simply look great. Cost effective and designed to deliver results.

XC003 Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

XC003 Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

We take premium coffee beans and coat them in chocolate. Once completed then you choose your type of packaging. Featured here is a 25 gram cello bag with a full colour label. A savoury promotional confectionery choice bound to pep up any conference. You can alos choose eiother dark, milk or white chocolate coating to dip as well as many different packaging options including coffee bags in 45 gram, 60 gram or 100 gram bags. 

XC004  Holly Sweets

XC004 Holly Sweets

Beautifully presented confectionery always has a high impact and our branded fruity rolls hit the mark. From top of town to small business we have you covered. Send us your logo and marketing tag and we will producer without any setups, design fees or hidden extra costs. Now that is service and we back that with all of our products.

XC60 The Volvo of Promotional Confectionery

XC60 The Volvo of Promotional Confectionery

Designed with innovation and sleek packaging is the best way to describe custom made and branded Toblerone chocolate bars.HAnd out a premium chocolate to your next open house or conference. Perfect for real estate promotions.  

Pm the muse are our perfect candy choices made with premium Australian ingredients.  Plack on the flavours with the balancing act of design meets marketing needs, Classic Australian tastes that  work in harmony. Look at the crowed at your event and don't question the choice. 

So what do we have here, a lot of sugar meets The opwerof pasion like our handmade confectionery. Taste the subtle influences and receive so much more from your branded confectionery. What could be better than a glass of bubbly. 

Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Packed full of flavour with eye catching design is how we make confectionery.  all the flavours of the rainbow brought to you by promotional range. What a pallet pleaser. Such a distinctive element makes this sweet stand out. 

Promo Mint Tubes

About Confectionery

Why use promotional confectionery? When you eat something your associate this sensation and by linking your brand with a pleasurable memory simply makes perfect sense.  Something that is both visually pleasing as well as tastes great is there perfect combination for a promotional product and that is where promotional confectionery stems from.
Our range of promotional confectionery is extremely extensive and includes branded Jelly beans, Chewy Fruits, Choc Beans, Chocolate bars and chocolate coins, Humbugs/Boiled Lollies, handmade lollipops, Individually Wrapped Branded Lollies. Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans, Lindt Chocolate, Lollipops, M&Ms, Mixed Lollies, Snakes, Acid Drops, Peppermint leaves, Chewing Gum, Personalised Rock Blueberry clouds which are perfect for IT companies, Good old fashions chocolate coated  Bullets,  Raspberry Bullets in Milk choc, Liquorice Dark choc, Caramel Kisses, what about  Chicken Feet lollies. The possibly are endless for promotional confectionery.

Just as long as the list of confectionery is our packaging options designed to enhance your choice of candy. These include Baby Bottles, Bars - Fruit or Nut, Buckets, Bulk Confectionery, Canisters, Carry-On Case Acrylic, Champagne Bottles, Christmas trees, Coffee Cups, Mesh bags filled with chocolate Coins, Plastic cubes, Cubes in different sizes, Pillow packs in clear as well as card to suit your logo, Dollar Acrylic, Easter eggs in egg cartons, Flip Lid Tube, Hearts Acrylic , Individually Wrapped, Jars – Glass, Jars – Plastic, Mint Tins, Lolli dispensers, Noodle Boxes, Paint Tins, Pill Jars, Pull Cans, PVC Box Big, Soda Bottles, Stars Acrylic, Test Tubes, Tins, Trees Acrylic, Tube – Pet and even coffee pouches.

Custom lolly bags in shapes and flavours like our new Clouds in Strawberry or Blueberry. Simply creative promotional confectionery packaged in over 500 different options.



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